Monday, April 20, 2009


Technology has been helpful in creating this presentation. I think we take for granted how the internet affects our lives. Without it, many things would not be so easy to accomplish. Sending emails was a good way to let group members know what was going on with the group. Sending files on blackboard was helpful as well. We could share our files with each other, and the teacher in this way.
Technology is usually not a hindrance, unless you do not understand it. If you have a disadvantage with technology, however, it can hinder you. One of our group members did not have a laptop for the majority of the semester, because it was broken. We are expected to have the proper technology, such as laptops, and when these items break completing the project can become difficult.
Facebook was an essential part of our presentation, so we would not have had our final project without that aspect of technology.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I found the discussion of the memo from Nazi Germany fascinating. It took me a long time to realize what the subject of the memo was because of how unclear the writer was. I believe the author of the memo wrote in an obscure fashion to distract the reader from the fact that the subjects were actual human beings, and to remove all emotional connection to the subject. Participants in ethical situations such as this frequently write this way, to hide the facts in obscure jargon.
Ethical principles will be important for me as I plan to be an accountant. It is easy for accountants to find ways to fudge numbers, and now this course has taught me how to cover this with unclear writing. I'm only kidding, I would not be able to get away with that. And my morals would not allow me to commit fraud in the workplace, anyway.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I have not had any experience in the work place where there has been miscommunication, but the television show The Office is a great example of frequent miscommunication in the work place. In one particular episode, the manager of the Scranton office, Michael, is told by his superior, Jan, to choose a health plan that cuts back on benefits. Instead of completing this unpopular task himself, Michael delegates the task to his employee Dwight and then locks himself in his office. When Dwight chooses the worst health care option available, the employees of the office object. Michael emerges from his office long enough to reprimand Dwight for his health plan choice, tells Dwight to pick a better one without giving him any specifics, and promises everyone in the office a big surprise for all the stress they've gone through that day. Dwight goes through more conflict with the other employees of the office, causing them to loose confidentiality rights. Nothing is solved, and the employees are disappointed with Michael's "big surprise" of ice cream sandwiches.
Many examples of miscommunication occurred in this situation. First off, Michael causes huge a huge barrier between himself and his employees by locking himself in his office. Second, Michael should have explained to his employees that the health plan had to cut benefits, and not just blame Dwight. Michael was the person in authority, and he is the one who should have picked the health plan in the first place. Michael did not explain the task well to Dwight, and Dwight, being a salesman, was unqualified to make that decision. Dwight's solution for choosing the health plan is for everyone to write the illnesses they are suffering from on a sheet of paper. This causes the employees' confidentiality rights to be violated, and they become disgruntled. Another miscommunication was Michael's promise of a "big surprise." Michael did not have anything in mind when he promised the big surprise, and the employees were picturing a more significant reward than ice cream sandwiches. Michael should have spent his time wisely on choosing the health care plan instead of searching for a reward to make up for his mistakes.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Online Portfolios

My favorite presentation was Kyle Cook's on the top 5 Clemson dunks from this basketball season. I liked it because he used appropriate visuals and he included video footage from the games. It also helped that he was enthusiastic about his subject.
I must say I have not had a great deal of experience with online portfolios. Someone once gave me a brochure to create an ePortfolio, and I did, in fact, make one of those. I'm not sure if that counts, as I merely downloaded about two essays from my English 103 class. But I assure you, it was a good experience. Having the brochure that laid out instructions step by step made a big difference. I will probably need to know how to set up a portfolio before the portfolio draft is due.

Friday, February 27, 2009


The presentations I have seen so far have been very well done.
I particularly liked the sugar glider presentation because, let's be real here, he brought in an actual sugar glider and it was adorable. Live animals just add to any presentation. I also like the Drive-Thru presentation because Melesha was informative and funny. She used humor to grab our attention and get her message across. Keeping with the theme on humor, the third presentation I liked was the presentation on aquariums. It made me want to get an aquarium. It's true too. I have a fake aquarium that smells like burnt rubber when I plug it in, and it makes a wonderful conversation starter.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cover Letter

Before this class I was not aware that a cover letter was required for a resume. Now I see that the cover letter is an essential part of the job application process. Also, I had no idea that the cover letter would be read last. That is very interesting. I agree with the point that the cover letter should be about the company to show you understand the goals and needs of the company. So it stands to reason that the cover letter should not be sent to a hundred companies. The cover letter should be specific to the one company to which you are sending it. I thought the basic formula for a cover letter was helpful.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Client

I think some of the ideas that the client threw out there seemed like they had potential. For instance, one good idea was to create a blog, and that would be easy enough to do considering the class is familiar with that. Another idea similar to that was to create a facebook group, which would be a very good idea to get the concept of the project to the students of Clemson. Basically everyone has a facebook - probably more than a blog - and videos and information could be put in the group. Messages could also be sent to all the members of the group. I am only concerned that I may not be familiar enough with technology or have to equipment to perhaps make a video. But maybe we can all pull something together. There seems to be a problem in my group with all the members showing up for each class/meeting. This only has the potential to be a major problem because my group is the smallest and declines significantly when members do not show up.